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Free 15 Minute Massage at Adamo Day Spa
-VALID OCTOBER 18-22 2016

Your Invited to browse our new seasonal cosmetic palette.

Call us at Adamo Day Spa and mention this ad. We will ready an appointment and gift card for pick up or mail it to you directly!

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Mother’s Day Specials at Adamo Day Spa

mom and me

If you are interested in purchasing a Mother’s Day package please call us at 781.383.3011. We would be happy to mail your Gift Card directly to Mom or to an address you request. Thank You for your interest!

Please note our NEW address is: 114 Front Street, Scituate, MA Conveniently located in Scituate Harbor. Plenty of parking in the lot.

Mothers Day 2016

Join us! First Friday, April 1st 2016

Please join Adamo Day Spa and Rudolph Adamo Hair Salon for First Friday, a Grand Opening! Join us at our new location for a first Friday celebration with light bites, refreshments, and swag bags.

Where: 114 Front Street, Scituate Harbor, MA.

Time: 5PM- ?

Adamo offers you state of the art treatments and therapies customized to meet your special needs.

Adamo’s licensed professional staff will work with you to keep you in balance and in your most optimal state of well-being.

Get introduced to our Treatment Series’
All spa services are available individually or purchase in a series at a special price. Please inquire.

Products recommended and used at Adamo are Cruelty Free and carefully selected for the high quality ingredients used in the industry.

We carry exclusively Eminence Organics, Dr. Perricone products and J. Ilacqua Mineral Cosmetics.

Please inquire about Private Parties, Wedding Services, and On Location Services.

Prices subject to change.


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Pop Fizz Peach. 

Poking around @BosBloggers and found this! Oh My! I’ll muddle mint every chance I get. Gonna pin this to my inspiration board too! ❤ Joanne


This hot, steamy, humid weekend called for a serious cool-down concoction. I’ve seen this idea of adding popsicles to cocktails on Pinterest before, and this felt like the perfect time to try it out. In a wine glass I muddled a few mint leaves and sliced peaches,  poured in some chilled vodka, and topped off the glass with half an IZZE sparkling peach. Then for the finishing touch, a peach popsicle dunked in to keep things cool! And the best part is that you get to snack on the popsicle while you enjoy your drink! Cheers! 
   Please Note: This post was sponsored by Izze; all images, ideas and content are my own. 

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Salon Impulse

Everybody loves a great value, feeling good about themselves and walking away with an extra treat in hand. Retailers and stylists alike, know the best client, is a happy client. I am a makeup artist, massage therapist and own a busy day spa ~ I know a thing or two about clients.

The salon is only one of many retailers your client stops during their day. There are hundreds of opportunities in a day to make an impulse buy or just grab what you need. Impulse buys are great when they are, like I said before, a good value and make the customer happy.

il_570xN.664447974_td78ORDER BOSTONMINTS

Fabulous salons carry the best products, and offer their clients many options for bringing the beauty home. BostonMints lip glosses are the perfect size and price point for your valued customer and retail space. My high quality lip glosses make the perfect gift for the shopper or somebody on their mind.


Boston Mints lip glosses come in a variety of neutral and sassy colors, can be mixed and matched, and are safe and affordable to everybody. I am very proud to say that my line of BostonMints lip glosses currently sell out, at some of the best salons in Eastern Massachusetts. Salon Beni, Salon Capri, Salon Matteo and Sonoma Spa & Salon are some of my favorites. AZ Studio recently added my line to their Hingham location; I am so excited! These fine salons know how to take care of their clients exceptionally, during their visit and after they walk out the door.


I love experiencing all kinds of salons and spas, sharing the best places and products with my clients is one of the perks ~ I get to fully enjoy. Boston Mints lip glosses are named after iconic places and popular  landmarks in Massachusetts. They make perfect and practical gifts for friends, bridal parties and holidays. Stay fresh on your customers mind ~ by featuring amazing and standout products, that are loved and keep them coming back for more!

❤ Joanne

Like a Pro!

I love to get my makeup done when I’m going to an event, or if I have the urge to make a quick change when I’m out and about on a busy day. Walk through a Nordstrom or a Sephora anytime of day and you’ll see young and old women alike, sitting up neatly on a cosmetics stool, having pretty palettes applied to their faces. I like to watch anybody having mascara applied, we make crazy faces when we do it ourselves, never mind a stranger with great make up, coming at you with a black wand. I am a highly skilled and trained professional make up artist, I enjoy playing in the field too. I’m really just a girl who loves a tube of new lipstick and the crack of a fresh slick glossy mascara. Why do we sometimes need, and always love to get our makeup done?

Lets tackle the obvious first. Weddings, interviews, head shots and anywhere you may be in a photo album for the next 100 years, should be done by a pro. Absolutely, no questions asked. There are so many variables of photography that are easily taken care of by somebody trained. The reason, not the only reason obviously, all of those photos in the magazines look great – the models makeup was applied properly and professionally. She doesn’t have shadows in strange places and doesn’t have a shiny nose and red ears. When you know you have a big event or something extra special, just make an appointment, you’ll spare yourself the worry and you won’t regret it ever.

Did you know there is a spa in New York that you can sign up for a monthly club and get your makeup done as often as you want? Seriously, go in before work every day and have your makeup applied by a pro. They also have the same operation for blow outs and waxing. It’s brilliant in my eyes, and everybody is groomed properly. Realistically, not many women can spare the time daily, and while the cost is more than reasonable it won’t be happening for me anytime soon. The point is – it’s there, and successful. We feel more confident, successful and sexy when we look our best and freshest selves. That’s a fact.

At Studio Makeup I offer makeup services for all of your needs, daily if you’d like, but I would much rather teach you how to be daring and gorgeous on your own. You can schedule an application for a special event or a full session with consultation. application and education.

You'll be a PRO!

You’ll be a PRO!

Try some new colors, work on a trend that has been baffling you or update the look you’ve been sporting for far too long. Call today a make an appointment, browse the website and see our full menu of services. Enjoy some time to yourself in an atmosphere created for beauty and whole body health. I look forward to seeing you soon!

❤ Joanne

Studio Makeup at Adamo | 5 Stagecoach Way | Cohasset Village 781.383.3011

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The secret stance on foot therapies…

Since when do winners, movers and shakers start at the top? We don’t ladies. Clearly as evolution intended, we need to start at the bottom. Not to worry, I’m talking about feet, not doing 10 sets of squats between other tasks of monotony. This is essentially physiology 101, take care of those tootsies and you’ll be a happier woman, with a springier step and a stronger stance! Take a friend or a lover for a short retreat of nirvana, we have special treatment rooms designed exclusively for two. Adamo Day Spa has the toe to head relief you need!

The benefits of foot massage are almost endless; improving circulation and reducing swelling, relief from plantar fasciitis, strengthening of the ankles and lowering blood pressure are just a few. You should note that foot therapies are also known to improve your sex life and increase your libido, reduce the symptoms of PMS and menopause, help with headaches and migraines and give you a clear sense of well being. You can’t really argue with any of that, unless you’re dead set against bliss.

We offer a full menu of foot therapies and spa pedicure services available to choose from at Adamo. Our signature spa pedicure is a local favorite and includes an invigorating lemongrass exfoliating scrub, followed by a soothing massage using warm basalt lava stones and shea butter, after a hydrating wrap around your feet, choose any fine color polish or a natural nail buffing. It’s the best treatment you’ll get on the South Shore!  Most of our services include a neck and arm massage ~ an extra treat & value! Adamo specializes in the finest treatment and products to enhance your best self. Our Nail Lacquers are organic, vegan and free of toluene and formaldehyde.
Call today to schedule your first of many foot treatments! VIP Spa members always receive extra value and perks, if you’re not a member, sign up today and start feeling your best and saving money at the same time. I always look forward to seeing you at the spa.

❤ Joanne

Adamo Day Spa and Retreat | 5 Stagecoach Way | Cohasset Village 781.383.3011

We are partners with/and accept gift cards from
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