Our specially designed body treatments utilize exclusive marine formulations, finest oils and plant extracts. Our focus is to provide you with an effective approach to beauty and wellness and to experience the true benefits of nature. Our professional therapists will guide you through an exquisite spa experience.

Please refrain from shaving prior to your body treatment.

Seaside Escape
Unwind with a full body soothing session that induces relaxation and circulation. This integrated treatment includes shiatsu to relieve stress in the muscles, foot reflexology to balance and lymphatic drainage to detoxify. Experience a new level of serenity.
60 minutes $80
90 minutes $110
 Signature Aromatic Bliss
This restorative spa body treatment begins with a relaxing digito-pressure back massage performed with an exquisite blend of aromatic oils. The body is then polished with a gentle exfoliating scrub and wrapped in a velvety soft body masque.
75 minutes $120
 Oleaslim Detoxifying Body Wrap
Firm and tone your skin with this exclusive European slimming treatment specifically designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This all natural aroma-therapeutic system uses a precise blend of warm essential oils applied with a specialized lympho-massage to promote microcirculation, improve metabolic function and reduce water retention. Following an intense thermal wrap a silky, firming cream is applied.
60 minutes $80
 Energy Balancing Seaweed Masque
Experience natural healing with this purifying spa treatment rich in vitamins and nutrients from the sea. Toxins are released and skin is re-mineralized as you are drenched in a creamy mixture of restorative clays, seaweed and gingko biloba and wrapped in the warmth of moist steaming sheets. Includes complimentary steam session. This service is not recommended for those allergic to iodine.
75 minutes $95
 California Grape Seed Scrub
Exclusive grape seeds produced in the Napa Valle are combined with lavender oils and worked into the body to gently exfoliate, then rinsed away. An application of grape seed oil leaves skin smooth and supple. Includes a complimentary steam session.
45 minutes $80
 Moor Mud Body Masque
An organic mud masque containing plant extracts and trace minerals, draws out impurities and stimulates circulation and eases aching muscles. The cleansing process begins with a dry brush massage and then a natural mud is applied to the face and body. You are then wrapped in warmth. This treatment includes a complimentary steam.
75 minutes $95
 Signature Lemongrass Body Scrub
This delightful blend of native flowers, shea butter sea salts and lemon grass made exclusively for Adamo will awaken your senses as it smoothes and refreshes your skin.
45 minutes $
80 Dosha Linen Body Wrap
This mind-body balancing treatment includes an analysis of your personal dosha type which will determine essential oils used. Treatment begins with a stimulating dry body brushing followed by a gentle wellness massage. You are then lightly wrapped in warm linen sheets while receiving a face, neck, and scalp massage to release toxins and balance the emotions. Shirodhara may be added to this treatment.
60 minutes $95
 Neem Oil Scalp Therapy
Dissolve stress and tension with our exclusive scalp treatment designed to condition and moisturize the scalp and hair. Warm Indian herbs are massaged into the scalp followed by a thermal heat wrap. This deluxe hydrating treatment is a relaxing way to restore luster to overworked, dry or damaged hair. May be added to any service.
30 minutes  $35 Aroma Therapy Steam Session
Moist steam deeply relaxes and hydrates. Pure essential oils are diffused to stimulate the senses, detoxify and balance the immune system. This session rejuvenates your mind, spirit and physical well-being. May we recommend a steam session prior to your massage or body treatment.
30 minutes $25
Complimentary with a service
 Body Bronzer
In a matter of minutes you can enjoy the sun-kissed glow of a day at the beach without the risk of damaging ultra-violet exposure. The sunless tanner is the perfect solution for those who want a natural looking tan all year round. Enriched with healthy antioxidants and moisturizers this breakthrough lotion is applied after an exfoliating body scrub. No fuss, no mess, no streaking, just the radiant glow of silky smooth beautiful bronzed skin!
60 minutes $80 (with scrub)



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