Salon Impulse

Everybody loves a great value, feeling good about themselves and walking away with an extra treat in hand. Retailers and stylists alike, know the best client, is a happy client. I am a makeup artist, massage therapist and own a busy day spa ~ I know a thing or two about clients.

The salon is only one of many retailers your client stops during their day. There are hundreds of opportunities in a day to make an impulse buy or just grab what you need. Impulse buys are great when they are, like I said before, a good value and make the customer happy.

il_570xN.664447974_td78ORDER BOSTONMINTS

Fabulous salons carry the best products, and offer their clients many options for bringing the beauty home. BostonMints lip glosses are the perfect size and price point for your valued customer and retail space. My high quality lip glosses make the perfect gift for the shopper or somebody on their mind.


Boston Mints lip glosses come in a variety of neutral and sassy colors, can be mixed and matched, and are safe and affordable to everybody. I am very proud to say that my line of BostonMints lip glosses currently sell out, at some of the best salons in Eastern Massachusetts. Salon Beni, Salon Capri, Salon Matteo and Sonoma Spa & Salon are some of my favorites. AZ Studio recently added my line to their Hingham location; I am so excited! These fine salons know how to take care of their clients exceptionally, during their visit and after they walk out the door.


I love experiencing all kinds of salons and spas, sharing the best places and products with my clients is one of the perks ~ I get to fully enjoy. Boston Mints lip glosses are named after iconic places and popular  landmarks in Massachusetts. They make perfect and practical gifts for friends, bridal parties and holidays. Stay fresh on your customers mind ~ by featuring amazing and standout products, that are loved and keep them coming back for more!

❤ Joanne

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