#YaBettsBelieve, I do.

GoSox!  I am a huge Boston Sports Fan!  And, I am loving Mookie Betts! It hasn’t been since 1969 that someone as young as Betts has slammed three home runs in the the span of two games. I know, it’s early in the season but I always believe!

Filled with possibilities, I am excited for the warmer days. It certainly helps that the weather is finally cutting us a break. It’s like Spring finally fell right in our laps. Bring on the weekend get togethers and casual dinners with friends!

I absolutely love being outdoors in the neighborhood now that the days last a little longer. With it the extra sense of community and camaraderie it brings as you walk past the restaurants, always with the Red Sox game on in the background. Everyone enjoys extra time gathering with friends in the evening hours. It’s the perfect blend of comfort!

BostonMints lipgloss has the perfect shade for those classic summer evenings. Go Sox! Red is easy to wear on its own for a sheer gloss, or you can layer it over your favorite go-to lipstick to make it pop with the perfect amount of sheen. Play with your colors, they are a palate to be mixed and matched, custom blended and designed to be perfect for every skin tone.


BostonMints are always made of natural ingredients including, spearmint leaf oil, aloe vera gel, vitamins C and E, antioxidants reduce damage and premature aging. This beautiful healthy gloss is also gluten free and hypo-allegenic. I want everybody to be able to enjoy this “have to have it” lipgloss. It’s available in Full Size and purse sizes to share!

Go Sox! #YaBettsBelieve, I do!

Love, Joanne

Order BostonMints online!

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